Blog Posts

2024 updates
I have a blog, therefore I should update it occasionally.
The Job Lottery
Reflecting on my two months at Fortanix.
Leaving Middlebury College
A new solution to the two-body problem: remote software engineering work.
Empathy for Students, a Listicle.
10 ways to have empathy for students when COVID (and remote learning) has exacerbated economic and social barriers to learning.
Letter to Smith Students
My time as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Smith College is coming to an end.
FastRank alpha release
FastRank is a new python library implemented in Rust that supports Coordinate Ascent and Random Forest learning-to-rank models.
Clickbait for TREC News
The predicted probability of being clickbait for a WaPo article helps select better background articles in a large learning-to-rank model.
Trec News Background-Linking 2018: Filter By Time!
Past articles tend to be more useful than future articles and language models + bm25 is a very strong baseline.

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