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The core of my research is in promoting access to information through classification, categorization, retrieval with a focus on digital library data. As a result, I am always pursuing the balance between efficient, explainable, and effective machine learning systems.


(2019) Incorporating Hierarchical Domain Information to Disambiguate Very Short Queries
Hamed Bonab, Mohammad Aliannejadi, John Foley, James Allan - ICTIR 2019 - 4 pages.
(2019) Sentence Retrieval for Entity List Extraction with a Seed, Context and Topic
Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar, John Foley, Liu Yang, James Allan - ICTIR 2019 - 4 pages.
(2019) Poetry: Identification, Entity Recognition, and Retrieval(CIIR)
John Foley - PhD Thesis. - 125 pages.
(2018) ToyBox: Better Atari Environments for Testing Reinforcement Learning Agents(URL) (Code)
John Foley, Emma Tosch, Kaleigh Clary, David Jensen - Systems for ML Workshop at NeurIPS 2018 - 6 pages.
(2018) Let's Play Again: Variability of Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents in Atari Environments(Code)
Kaleigh Clary, Emma Tosch, John Foley, David Jensen - Critiquing and Correcting Trends in Machine Learning Workshop at NeurIPS 2018 - 4 pages.
(2018) UMass TREC 2018 Notebook(URL) (Code)
Shahrzad Naseri, John Foley, James Allan - In Proceedings of TREC 2018, NIST - 9 pages.
(2018) Exploring Summary-Expanded Entity Embeddings for Entity Retrieval(URL)
Shahrzad Naseri, John Foley, James Allan, Brendan O'Connor - EYRE '18 (workshop at CIKM'18) - 7 pages.
(2018) Mocking Atari for Deep Reinforcement Learning(URL) (Code)
Emma Tosch, Akanksha Atrey, John Foley, Sam Witty, Kaleigh Clary, David Jensen - IBM AI-Systems Day 2018 - 2 pages.
(2018) Search Agent Model: A Conceptual Framework for Search by Algorithms and Agent Systems(CIIR)
Jeffrey Dalton, John Foley - DESIRES 2018 - 6 pages.
(2018) Named Entity Recognition with Extremely Limited Data(arXiv) (CIIR) (Code)
John Foley, Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar, James Allan - LND4IR 2018 - 6 pages.
(2018) Semantic Location in Email Query Suggestion(ACMDL) (CIIR) (Code)
John Foley, Mingyang Zhang, Michael Bendersky, Marc Najork - SIGIR 2018 - 4 pages.
(2018) Universal Approximation Functions for Fast Learning to Rank(ACMDL) (CIIR) (Code)
Daniel Cohen, John Foley, Hamed Zamani, James Allan, Bruce Croft - SIGIR 2018 - 4 pages.
(2018) Explainable Agreement through Simulation for Tasks with Subjective Labels(CIIR)
John Foley - LND4IR 2018 - 2 pages.
(2018) Term Relevance Feedback for Contextual Named Entity Retrieval(ACMDL) (CIIR)
Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar, John Foley, James Allan - CHIIR 2018 - 4 pages.
(2017) On the Equivalence of Generative and Discriminative Formulations of the Sequential Dependence Model(ACMDL) (CIIR)
Laura Dietz, John Foley - ATIR 2017 - 10 pages.
(2016) Probabilistic Approaches to Controversy Detection(CIIR) (Code)
Myung-ha Jang, John Foley, Shiri Dori-Hacohen, James Allan - CIKM 2016 - 4 pages.
(2016) Improving Entity Ranking for Keyword Queries(ACMDL) (CIIR)
John Foley, Brendan O'Connor, James Allan - CIKM 2016 - 4 pages.
(2016) Retrieving Hierarchical Syllabus Items for Exam Question Analysis(CIIR) (Code)
John Foley, James Allan - ECIR 2016 - 12 pages.
(2016) Toward Reproducible Baselines: The Open-Source Information Retrieval Reproducibility Challenge(Code)
Jimmy Lin, Matt Crane, Andrew Trotman, Jaime Callan, Ishan Chattopadhyaya, John Foley, Grant Ingersoll, Craig Macdonald, Sebastiano Vigna - ECIR 2016 - 12 pages.
(2015) Learning to Extract Local Events from the Web(ACMDL) (CIIR) (Code)
John Foley, Michael Bendersky, Vanja Josifovski - SIGIR 2015 - 10 pages.
(2015) Retrieving Time from Scanned Books(CIIR) (Code)
John Foley, James Allan - ECIR 2015 - 12 pages.
(2013) Short Text Queries for Video Retrieval(CIIR)
James Allan, Jeff Dalton, John Foley, R. Manmatha, Venkatesh Murthy, David Wemhoener - TRECVid 2013 - 7 pages.


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