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Intro to Computing

I will be teaching CS145: Introduction to Computing at Middlebury College (Fall 2020).

Course Modalities

Course Description

In this course we will provide a broad introductory overview of the discipline of computer science, with no prerequisites or assumed prior knowledge of computers or programming. A significant component of the course is an introduction to algorithmic concepts and to programming using Python; programming assignments will explore algorithmic strategies such as selection, iteration, divide-and-conquer, and recursion, as well as introducing the Python programming language. Additional topics will include: the structure and organization of computers, the Internet and World Wide Web, abstraction as a means of managing complexity, social and ethical computing issues, and the question “What is computation?” (Juniors and Seniors by waiver) (formerly CSCI 0101) 3 hr. lect./1 hr. lab

Middlebury Course Catalog

Waiver Policy

Juniors and Seniors are by waiver in this course in order to prioritize those using it as a gateway to the Major. Anyone with interest will be allowed to take the course, limited only by not wanting to overwhelm the course staff (ASIs, TAs, etc.).